Across The Delta Into The Mississippi

by Robbie D Love

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The blues originated from the field hollers and old spirituals sung across the cotton fields of the southern United States by African American slaves. Robbie D Love once again reaches into his never forgotten heritage to deliver another deep rooted EP appropriately titled, “Across The Delta Into The Mississippi”.


released December 27, 2011



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Robbie D Love Austin, Texas

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Track Name: Two Is Two
One is one
Two is two
And three is three
You ain’t you
So I’m gone, and I’m gone, and I’m gone, so gone
Baby you’re a low down fool
Yeah baby

Trick me once
Trick me twice
There ain’t no three times baby
I ain’t playing nice
Now I’m gone, now I’m gone, I’m so gone, so log
Baby, you’re a low down fool

You ain’t tricking no more baby
You can’t take my money neither
Track Name: Until The Day That I Die
Give me all of your loving
Let me push all your buttons
I’m coming. It’s something I want
So dry your eyes until the day that I die
When I’m going

See baby, I’m Robbie D Love
You know what it is
We down here by the Mississippi river
Way down here by the cross roads
It’s where I came to sell my soul for the blues
Can you dig?
I got the low down blues
I lost my shirt and my shoes but I’m golden
Go on, tell’em baby!
Track Name: Cotton Field Rock n Roll
Yeah, oh baby, don’t you know me?
Thought control, you don’t know.
Said thought patrol, you don’t know

Baby I’m in your heart, you see my mind
And I’m sitting next to you so cold
Your sugar gold, your eyes turn black, but baby, do I fold?
To tell ya, now I saw ya, you’re looking good in your open toes
You know I broke for ya baby, but just shake off ya shake
Shake on ya baby, break off the break, you know now that you take me out of here. I said baby, out of here

This is rock n’ roll. This is rock n’ roll. Something you don’t know
This is rock n’ roll. Something you don’t know. This is rock n’ roll. Something you don’t know

Yeah, uh, you know what I’m saying?
You got that mean slashing guitar, know what I’m saying?
Yeah, uh, you got that solid beat man, that driving shit
Thought patrol, you don’t know. Thought patrol, you don’t know.

Thought patrol is something you don’t know
This skin is turning black and babe, your love unfolds
Your skin inside my mind, is looking behind blue lines
You’re evil in my mind, taken to be unkind
But babe, you are my dime, I’m here to make you mine
So…I just come that girl, to fall down, you know…

Don’t ya know me, you see me here
Touch me, feel me, become my fears
Thought control , you don’t know
Thought control , well you don’t know
Oh baby
Thought control , you don’t know